Our Virtual Servers are virtualized on-demand servers, designed to behave just like physical servers so that they are easy for you to work with. You start and scale cloud servers with our web control panel or API and can run any operating system with full administrator or root



Benefits of our Virtual Servers

Fast to deploy

So quick and easy you’ll have your servers up and running in minutes.

benefits-1Totally flexible capacity

You can easily adjust the capacity that you’re using for growths or peaks in demand – hourly if you wish, there are no fixed instance types. Very easy to test if you’re not sure how much capacity is required. Burst to our own servers when your servers are full.

Flexible pricing

Pay for exactly how much capacity you need and no more. No payment when servers are off. Pay by the hour, monthly or yearly subscription. Learn More

benefits-2Easy to use control panel

One of the easiest to use control panels on the market. Ultra-modern virtualization back-end built on the most advanced Linux KVM virtualization.

High-quality email, phone and ticket support

Free high-quality personal email,  phone and ticket support service to all customers 365 days a year.

Control via the web or API

Manage your servers via our easy to use web interface or our flexible API allows users to create drives, upload and download drive images, and create and control virtual servers on our infrastructure.

benefits-4Support any Operating System and Software

Standard installs of Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, CentOS Linux and Windows Server 2008 R2. Many open source install CDs available, including Red Hat Fedora Linux, Mint and FreeBSD.

Service Level Agreement Guarantee

100x for any downtime over 15 minutes.



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